11.30.15 - "Catchup"

 Hi everyone! So it's been a couple weeks since I've posted anything up. I've been so busy with school finals and work that I've kind of put this on the back-burner for a bit. I do have a couple new things lined up for the next coming months so you should see that soon. For now, since I'm almost done with my classes, I'm posting the last three shoots. These shoots include my friends, Truong, Vickie, and Dallas. These were all very quick shoots and they were a blast to work with. It seems to be easier to just work with friends because you can be totally honest about their styling and how they pose without them getting upset. This should go with working with anyone since all you want to do is product the best product possible. Below are three galleries for Vickie, Truong, and Dallas with their links to their Instagrams. Vickie has a blog too and you should go follow it if you're interested in fashion or stylings.

Vickie Tang

Truong Tran

Dallas Brown