12.12.15 - "Last Show of the Younger Dreams Tour"

It just so happened that the last show of the Younger Dreams Tour stopped at Anaheim the same time I'm in LA; of course, I had to come through and see my boys in Picturesque. First off, this was my very first time over in the west coast AND at Chain Reaction. If you follow these kind of bands, then you know this venue is almost legendary. Any band that has started anywhere had to play here. Any band that's been in Altpress magazine has probably had to play here. Now, the venue was WAY smaller than I thought it would be, but the crowd was what made the show huge. I'm going to be posting a blog about my full LA experience Monday, but for now, here's a seperate post just for this show. There's so much from this show that it needs it's own post. Thanks to the Picturesque boys for hooking me up and to everyone else that showed me nothing but love while I was there. Below is a gallery of photos from the show as well as a compilation video of the last show of the Younger Dreams Tour.

Be sure to follow all the bands on their social media because there'll be way more in 2016, especially for Picturesque.