12.13.15 - "LA Trip"

This was my very first time in the west coast in general but LA is where it is at. Of course, anybody in entertainment will tell you, "I want to move to LA," so it makes the city so much more hyped up. Not to say it was not everything I expected for sure because for only four days here, I still have WAY more left to go in terms of visiting, shooting, and fully experiencing this gorgeous city. 

There aren't as many pictures as I hoped but it was because I tried to take a lot of it in. I got some video footage of stuff I did do. I did get to try In-N-Out for the first time ever and wow...it was so crowded. The burger was fine for sure, but it definitely was overhyped. Other than that, a lot of place I went to were amazing. Got to walk on Sunset Blvd, saw the Hollywood sign, and a lot of the times, I went shopping. I'm going to list as many businesses as I can remember that I got the pleasure of going to for the first time ever.

  • The Last Bookstore
  • Unami Burger
  • In-N-Out
  • Rif LA
  • Please Do Not Enter
  • LA Cafe
  • the Line
  • Chain Reaction
  • Union Station
  • Grammy Museum
  • Amoeba Records