12.9.15 - "Final"

Hi everyone! Since I've been so occupied with school lately, I saw an opportunity to take some pictures. This is a gallery of students that are studying and pretty much killing themselves to get good grades. The reason I took this opportunity was cause it's really funny to me how numbers and calculations between classes you don't remember seem to affect so many people negatively. You become drugged out, caffeinated robots in order to get a number on a paper that you think determines who you are or your position in school, then society, and then in life. I admire those who can study for such long periods of time and then apply the knowledge they acquire. I chose black and white because I don't want colors to distract from the activity of what the students are doing themselves and to draw more emotion out. I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted since the majority of people I would ask would immediately decline or if I took a picture at the coffee shops, they'd ask me to delete it; no matter for any reason. This was still something fun to do to distract from studying. Let me know what you think of this and what ideas you have for me in the future! I may try to do more galleries that observe what I see out in life.