3.4.16 - "Artica"

Hello again everyone! Another show, another gallery! Another one at the New Albany Production House! I have one more show there next week with Like Moths to Flames so be sure to check that out. The show was great. Illustrator released a new EP and it's definitely a banger so be sure to check that shit out! Along with them, Artica has had an EP released for a while now which is free. You should definitely listen to them. Goodbye, Goodnight has an Ep you can download too. At this point, you have all these bands with free music that you can at least try. What do you got to lose?!

This time around, I tried something a little bit different to edit the photos to see if I could work with black and white more. I've always loved B&W photos because colors don't distract from the emotions of the artist as much. 

Below is a link to all their band pages as well as the gallery (images are in order of performance) and a second gallery for Artica because I want to show you ALL the photos haha.