5.17.16 - "BFMV/Asking Alexandria/Cane Hill"

After all the years of replaying "4 Words (to Choke Upon)" and "Tears Don't Fall," I finally got to live out my middle/elementary school dream. I got to see AND take photos of Bullet For My Valentine. I gotta say, they do not disappoint. They put on the most amazing performance; almost exactly like the album. Then Asking Alexandria. You'd think they would miss a step replacing the lead singer. But with replacing with Denis, I think they've gotten so much better. I've watched Denis since his guitar covers on his "Above92" YouTube account. If Anything, this is the best Asking has sounded in years. Opening act, Cane Hill, are some friends of mine. Even before getting to know them, I slowly caught onto their music and it's everything I loved in older metal: sexy, heavy, and eerie. They aren't only good dudes, but they're bringing back a sound that a lot thought died. There album comes out July 17th so be sure to pick that up. Preorder links will be below.

Overall, show was amazing and if I ever got another chance to see/take photos of any of these bands again, it would be at absolute privilege. At any rate, there's a full gallery below of all the bands in order of performance. There are also links to their social media and to find their music.