our anniversary in chicago

I don't usually put much of my personal life on here but this is an exception. Taylor wasn't in town to celebrate our anniversary so I decided to take her to Chicago to celebrate. I've legitimately loved her after maybe the next week after meeting her so I thought it best to do something like this for our first anniversary together. This is both mine and her longest relationship either of us have ever been in. I love her so much, it's ridiculous. We met at Macy's when we both used to work there and she definitely caught my eye. After she added me on Facebook, I obviously stalked a bit and saw that she was in a relationship (sad face). I tried not to think about her for the next few days. Then the day after Christmas, my friends and I went to Spinelli's to enjoy a show before going out for a drink and look who happens to be opening that night (based on my tone, you should know it was her).

I'm not ever one to be shy to approach a woman but tonight, for some reason I was, especially after seeing her play. My friends can vouch for me to say that I was mesmerized by her absolute beauty (their words, not mine promise). As soon as I got the nerve to stand up and talk to her, she was behind me to ask if I'd like to sit with her. From then on the rest is pretty much history. To celebrate this occasion, I thought it best to go visit a city we both have talked about visiting over the past couple of months. 

We were only able to stay for a day but within that day we got to get an amazing dinner at Bad Hunter, and fabulous breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, and of course, went shopping on Michigan Ave. for the majority of the day. We ended the Sunday with visiting Millennium Park and eating Ramen and Boba in Chinatown. It started snowing towards the end of the day, so we had to leave. Below are some photos from the two days we were there as well as a little video of our trip.


song: Tap Water Drinking - Lewis Del Mar