i am jack's raging bile duct

Fight Club is probably in my top ten all-time favorite movies. It has everything a person could love about a film: amazing cinematography, captivating screenplay, damaged people, and love (in the most bizarre take). I had got this shoot setup with Emmalee and the concept just sparked. I've always loved the image Fight Club conveys from their colors, or contrast of colors, and dark imagery with a sense of comedy. I took inspiration from Tyler Durden and Marla Singer and kind of combined the two to try to create this portrayal, with my spin of course. Huge shoutout to Stephanie for working diligently to make sure the make up was, in her words, "perfect." Also to Emmalee for giving us free reign and letting us use her to try to create something spectacular.

Model: Emmalee Parker - Instagram 

MUA: Stephanie Lynn Johnson - Instagram

Stylist/Photographer: Anthony Tran - Instagram | Twitter