lens with perri

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Perri this week and it was amazing. It seemed like our styles are pretty similar and our approach for our art seemed to connect very well. We decided to get some balloons and make up this quirky, retro style shoot but contrast it with out dark "aesthetic" to see how it would come out. It came out marvelously. With the vibrancy of the setting contrasted with the black clothes, I felt as though the image kind of shouts out to you.

After that part of the shoot, we went to the Chow Wagon at Waterfront and wanted to take photos using the carnival-esque setting with the neon lights to get some cool results from examples we have seen previously. We got pretty much exactly what we wanted. If you ask Perri, she can tell you just how hyped I was on our photos. This was the first time we collaborated with each other and I know for sure that this won't be our last. Check out her amazing work and her blog post! We took photos of each other to compare our works side by side.

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