somebody else

"So I heard you found somebody else
And at first I thought it was a lie
I took all my things that make sounds
The rest I can do without

I don't want your body
But I hate to think about you with somebody else
Our love has gone cold
You're intertwining your soul with somebody else

I'm looking through you while you're looking through your phone
And then leaving with somebody else
No, I don't want your body
But I'm picturing your body with somebody else

Come on baby, this ain't the last time that I'll see your face
Come on baby, you said you'd find someone to take my place

Oh I just don't believe that you have got it in you cause
We are just gonna keep "doin' it" and everytime
I start to believe in anything you're saying
I'm reminded that I should be getting over it

Get someone you love? Get someone you need?
Fuck that, get money.
I can't give you my soul cause we're never alone"
The 1975

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