the afterparty

"I think I'm fucking gone, rollin' on this floor, messing up your carpet.
I'll get on it after four more sessions of the strong on your floor.
Shouldn't fucking rolled, but I fucking pulled.
Feeling like a billion bucks before I walked through this door
Can't believe I made it but I made it that's for sure
Your loving, I need more, I need yours
She ain't looking for that unconditional
What the fuck these bitches on?
They want what I'm sitting on; they don't want my love
They just want my potential, fuck it
I'll be sipping on this, baby living off bliss
Got me drowning in your love, got me drowning in the mist
Give me right attention or I'll start drowning from my wrist

Baby, if you knew the feeling I would give to you
Cause I got it girl, with me

I got a brand new girl, call her Rudolph
She'll probably O.D. before I show her to momma
All these girls try to tell me she got no love
But all these girls never ever got her blow job
Ringtone on silent and if she stops, then I might get violent
No call is worth stopping, so momma please stop calling
We can play all night.
It just takes one night to let me fucking prove
This feeling I would give to you."
The Weeknd

Model: Grace Murphy - Instagram