Too Far in Between - Surreal Mag

Wow it has been almost two months since I've updated my blog. As of lately, I've been at home and working on portraits very heavily again. At least until the next tour, whenever that may be. That's one thing that's been on my mind. You're not guaranteed anything and anything can happen. You may be employed for a month and then unemployed for like 6. You never know. What sucks about that is with someone like me with anxiety, losing that control sucks. But I'm dealing. Through portraits and just random photo taking with friends, I've found some solace. This portrait session wasn't planned to be published or anything. It was just friends that wanted to create some cool stuff, and we did! We used @bioglitz for the makeup and @betsyjohnson for the jewelry. Thanks to Surreal for publishing and to Taylor, Clarice, and Katya for the beautiful art we were able to make together. Be sure to follow all of them on instagram. 

model - @katya_estes
mua - @tayfrieds
stylist - @claricebc
makeup - @bioglitz
jewelry - @betsyjohnson

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Below are all my favorite photos from the shoot.