dead weight

Finally got to work with the very fun and talented Jaela. We had been wanting to work together for awhile and our schedules lined up. I had ordered the Drop Dead hoodie and jogger set and thought to have someone model it for me. I think it's very bold with the all white outfit and the plum accent is just a treat. Up against the pink background, there's a bright and outstanding aesthetic that almost gives it a pop vibe. We then went to this abandoned gas station to have a high contrast between the very bright outfit with the decadence of the gas station. I also wanted to use this thrown out toy tricycle to add character to the photos.

Model/MUA: Jaela Parker - Instagram

Photographer: Anthony Tran - Instagram | Twitter 




American Nightmare Tour - Chicago

I had the privilege to go out and shoot a stop on the American Nightmare tour in Chicago this past week. Unfortunately, I had work that same day and didn't make it on time to catch Beartooth. As soon as I got there, Underoath started playing. Both their set and BMTH's were amazing and beautiful to watch. Both bands are notorious for their music and live sets. The visuals for BMTH's set were gorgeous to watch and document.

I want to thank Christine for carpooling with my from Indianapolis and a huge thank you to Ashley Osborn. I contacted her and she was nice enough to let me come and shoot BMTH. I really appreciate the opportunity she gave me and respect her work so much. I hope to cross paths next time.

Christine Sarkine: Portfolio

Ashley Osborn: Portfolio