hopeless records

hundredth lookbook

Tyrah Burton
David Farsetti
Kaylynn Paulin

makeup artist:
Victoria Bottorf

styling: Hundredth Line

LOOKBOOK: https://www.docdroid.net/8IYMMco/hundredth-lookbook.pdf
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Hello everyone! I've been very quiet lately as I have been trying to get my life sorted and move to my new place. However, I do have a few photo sets that I'm excited to share over the next couple of weeks. Hundredth and I have been in contact and been working together on this lookbook. When I was reached out to create with them and their merch line, I couldn't say no. This photo set consists of my favorites from that shoot. If you would like to purchase any of the clothes or peek the full lookbook, you can find those links above. 

I want thank all the models, Tyrah, David, Kaylynn, the makeup artist, Victoria, and Hundredth for making this come to life. The clothes are awesome and the shoot was so much fun.

After this effort, I'm also going to be doing photography and videography for Hundredth on their upcoming "RARE" tour. They will be playing their latest album, front to back. Believe me when I say that this will be an epic run for me and I'm very stoked to be going with these guys. I've followed this band for a bit now and the fact that I'll be doing a tour run with them is exciting. On top of that, the whole tour package will also have Spotlights, Tennis System, & Gleemer; all of which are amazing bands. I'm excited to be traveling cross country, watching these bands, and creating art every night. If we're coming anywhere near your city, please, be sure to grab a ticket and say hey! 

Check out the dates below and buy a ticket here: https://www.hundredthworldwide.com/tour

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model: Ayanna Williams - instagram 

"In the same way I can imagine you a mother
I can imagine you are wild raising our beauty queen
In the same way I can imagine you my wife
I can imagine you are wild, the happiest part of me

But I think I know you, I know you can break
I think I know you, I know you. I watch and I wait

You’re porcelain
I just want to hold you

The greatest gift I am feeling is in loving myself
without fear of you walking away, all this is enough

It’s hard to face a life alone, with you I never will
I believe in you beautiful, a million times around
I used to say it would be okay, and it will
You better love me ’til the day you’re gone XO
Until the day I’m gone"


We Will Detonate Tour

*in order of appearance

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Sum 41 & Emarosa

Thank you to Restless Digital and Ashley Osborn for letting me take photos for these guys. This is the second time shooting Sum 41 and they were just as amazing as last time. Lots of focus and love for what they do. This is also the fifth time seeing and fourth time taking photos of Emarosa and as always, you can tell that they love doing what they do. With such high energy and fun antics, it's hard NOT to get a good passionate photo from them. Unfortunately was too late to the show due to some difficulties to shoot Chapel, but I hope to shoot them next time at Indy. 

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9.11.16 - "Sylar"

Got the chance to go see my buds in Sylar perform at Emerson Theater in Indianapolis. They played an amazing set last night playing some of my favorite songs off their new record, "Help." If you haven't heard of them or their album, I highly recommend you do. Also catch them on the Hell in the Hallways tour with Ice Nine Kills. If you can't, try to one of the dates on Attila's Chaos tour.

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