dead weight

Finally got to work with the very fun and talented Jaela. We had been wanting to work together for awhile and our schedules lined up. I had ordered the Drop Dead hoodie and jogger set and thought to have someone model it for me. I think it's very bold with the all white outfit and the plum accent is just a treat. Up against the pink background, there's a bright and outstanding aesthetic that almost gives it a pop vibe. We then went to this abandoned gas station to have a high contrast between the very bright outfit with the decadence of the gas station. I also wanted to use this thrown out toy tricycle to add character to the photos.

Model/MUA: Jaela Parker - Instagram

Photographer: Anthony Tran - Instagram | Twitter 




no more parties

model - Krista Prak: Instagram | Twitter

photographer/stylist - Anthony Tran: Instagram | Twitter

10.26.16 - Dallas Brown

Did a shoot with one my friends the other day. He was wanting to get a variety of portraits with different backgrounds. I've been wanting to get back in the groove of things and practice location based portraits more. I haven't been able to do it in awhile and it used to be all I did last year. At this stage of my life, or anyone's life for that matter, we start losing sight of our purpose and it's self-destructive. I hoped to have bigger things in my life now and they aren't coming fruition. Dallas has talked about it a bit with me and I've talked about it almost all the time. It was nice to get back into what I used to do all the time. Below are some photos of Dallas.

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