landscape photography

10.24.16 - Seattle

Some of you may not have been aware, but I recently went on a trip to Seattle with my girlfriend, Taylor. Taylor had been wanting to go back for awhile now to visit her best friend Brooke. She asked me to tag along, so of course, I did. All the exciting and new experiences I would have with her and all the different, new scenery to take photos of. How could I say no?

We started our trip on a Monday morning on 5:30 AM. Neither of us were much of the morning type. Most of that day was spent flying and driving. So I'm starting off this photo set with photos of Taylor, the plane, and some small bits of landscape.

The rest of the day was spent eating and then sleeping, cause well, we get tired easily. The next day was a bit more exciting for we went on our first hike together to Whatcom Falls. It has a beautiful trail and sparkling waters (also cold that day; for a comparison, we left Louisville at 80F and landed in Seattle at 50F). We honestly preferred that over Kentucky weather any day. After that we went to have a nice brunch at a small, local diner. Other than that, a semi-normal day; nothing crazy. 

That Wednesday, was probably the most memorable part of the trip, I had got to say. We went up to the mountains and hiked up Mount Baker. Is was quite a sight. It's almost unfair that all I have are my words and photos to describe the vibrant colors and deep shadows of the mountains. It's one of the sights where you are a bit speechless and have no way to show but with your own photos. So here are some of the photos to show off a bit of what I saw.

Here, I'm going to post some of my favorite photos of landscapes during that day. It was so hard to pick my favorite just because the mountains themselves make the photos amazing. I'm so happy I was able to experience that and take photos of all that I saw. Here's the gallery for that.

On Thursday and Friday, Taylor and I decided to do a bit more of the touristy stuff, especially since it was my first time ever traveling to the state of Washington. We started off with clam chowder for lunch at the Pike Place Market and explored there a bit. Came across a few interesting muscians that played there. We also went to the first Statbucks that ever opened; this was in itself a necessity to the basic white girl in me (p.s. the coffee tasted amazing). Afterwards we went and saw the space needle, went to the EMP and the SAM (Seattle Art Museum). They happened to have an intriguing exhibit about Yves Saint Laurent and the brilliant pieces he had designed in the past. 

Our final day there was spent enjoying some delicious ramen, as well as explore a bit more of the smaller shops in downtown Seattle. We also had to visit the Starbucks Roastery where they had a lot of different strains of coffee. Me in particular, did not enjoy much of what I got. I ordered one of their seasonal specials and it had a carbonated water in it. Wasn't much of a fan of that. There was a big storm brewing up and so our day had to be cut short once we left this little ice cream place near Cobain's house. Knowing that, we had to end it with visiting Kurt Cobain's house. If you know me at all, you should know that Nirvana is one of my favorites truly. The closer we got the the house, the heavier my heart ached with sadness and solemn as the storm drew closer and the clouds got darker. I took one of my favorite photos from the trip as well. Someone previously that day had laid out roses and a pumpkin on his bench next to his house. This is where he wrote some songs when he was home. 

From this whole trip, I also used up a whole roll of film on my Canon AE1. I will have to update this post with all the exposures I got as well.

Finally, I have to give a huge shout out to my new friends, Brooke and her boyfriend, David. If it were not for them being such great hosts, we would not have been able to enjoy Mount Baker and all the other amazing things we were able to do cause of them. For that, I'm posting a separate gallery of those two lovebirds below.