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BEAUTYMUTE MAG - deny my love

Model: Ayanna Williams - Instagram
Outfit: OWSLA Face Mask & Alpha Industries Parka

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when we love

"You're mine and I like it
You're fine, but besides that eyes
You're good to your heart
You lie, I don't mind it
That's just the kind of guy that you are

Tell me anything, everything, whatever, I wanna hear
Its the sweet little nothings that's all I need to keep me here
If you want me like you say you want me
Then you'd do whatever
Love me like you say you love me
We'll be down forever

Don't lose me
Don't choose me then use me
Just stay right beside me
Don't you dare deny my love

Never knew a love so good"
Jhené Aiko

model: Haley Meehan - Instagram
stylist: Emmalee Parker - Instagram



"Lashed by tongues of electric fire
Shimmering rivers crystalline
Run though frozen glimpses in time
And I just can't ignore this sight
Pouring down on me relentlessly
I just can't ignore this feeling
Deafened by rolling waves of realisation
Frozen, mesmerised in the rain

In my darkest days, I only saw the shades of grey
In a world that drips in colour

Droplets of life form in freefall in covalescenece
They hammer into the soil
Carving new streams of essence, through turmoil

I am just as fluid, as immortal and lucid
As the Earth that morphs, in the violence of a thunderstorm

My life is what I make of my trials and mistakes
My life is what I make, I am what I create"

Mallory Mims - Instagram | Email


Alexis Gibson - Instagram


Kesley Moorefield - Instagram | Website


show me

"I know there are some things about you I don't know
So many so many sides we haven’t seen
If we get the chance to be alone, baby
So much so much that I would
Like to know

Show me you’re the way
Show me the right way
Show me, love me
See me, perfectly
Show me, Show me

I don’t I don't know how to behave, baby
When you see that you had me all along

I want to feel
I want to feel

Show me you're the one
Show me you're my only"

- Vök

model: Ayanna Williams - Instagram 
photographer/videographer: Anthony Tran - Instagram | Twitter