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Wow it has been almost two months since I've updated my blog. As of lately, I've been at home and working on portraits very heavily again. At least until the next tour, whenever that may be. That's one thing that's been on my mind. You're not guaranteed anything and anything can happen. You may be employed for a month and then unemployed for like 6. You never know. What sucks about that is with someone like me with anxiety, losing that control sucks. But I'm dealing. Through portraits and just random photo taking with friends, I've found some solace. This portrait session wasn't planned to be published or anything. It was just friends that wanted to create some cool stuff, and we did! We used @bioglitz for the makeup and @betsyjohnson for the jewelry. Thanks to Surreal for publishing and to Taylor, Clarice, and Katya for the beautiful art we were able to make together. Be sure to follow all of them on instagram. 

model - @katya_estes
mua - @tayfrieds
stylist - @claricebc
makeup - @bioglitz
jewelry - @betsyjohnson

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Below are all my favorite photos from the shoot.


dead weight

Finally got to work with the very fun and talented Jaela. We had been wanting to work together for awhile and our schedules lined up. I had ordered the Drop Dead hoodie and jogger set and thought to have someone model it for me. I think it's very bold with the all white outfit and the plum accent is just a treat. Up against the pink background, there's a bright and outstanding aesthetic that almost gives it a pop vibe. We then went to this abandoned gas station to have a high contrast between the very bright outfit with the decadence of the gas station. I also wanted to use this thrown out toy tricycle to add character to the photos.

Model/MUA: Jaela Parker - Instagram

Photographer: Anthony Tran - Instagram | Twitter 




pink + white

Last week, Stephanie and I had some free time to roam around St. James Court and shoot some photos. As always, she was great and easy to work with. We both know exactly what we want and what we sought out for each image. After reviewing them, if we saw one thing off, we would re-do the photo to get closer to what we think is best for the tone. St. James Court is such a beautiful area of town. I'll need to be careful and not shoot there so often.

Stephanie Lynn Johnson: Model Page | Makeup Page


This past year, I had the pleasure to work with two new people, Krista and Stephanie. These two are incredible to work with and I couldn't have been happier to get to know them. This only means that we will be able to work more frequently in the future. Every year we discuss topics about how we are going to better ourselves and land new goals. It's great to do so but honestly, I believe if we were to set and accomplish goals, we can do it at anytime. So let's bask on the new opportunities we have everyday and enjoy every bit of it this new year. Take in every risk, every loss, and turn it into something better. 

Krista: Instagram | Website

Stephanie: Instagram

Benjamin Adams

Model: Benjaming Adams - instagram | twitter

used the dreamfilms "black + pink" preset for some.