spice girl

model - Samantha Roman
stylist Anya Lee
makeup artist Izzy Nolan
used Shine Papers


hundredth lookbook

Tyrah Burton
David Farsetti
Kaylynn Paulin

makeup artist:
Victoria Bottorf

styling: Hundredth Line

HUNDREDTH: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website
"RARE" out now: iTunes | Spotify

Hello everyone! I've been very quiet lately as I have been trying to get my life sorted and move to my new place. However, I do have a few photo sets that I'm excited to share over the next couple of weeks. Hundredth and I have been in contact and been working together on this lookbook. When I was reached out to create with them and their merch line, I couldn't say no. This photo set consists of my favorites from that shoot. If you would like to purchase any of the clothes or peek the full lookbook, you can find those links above. 

I want thank all the models, Tyrah, David, Kaylynn, the makeup artist, Victoria, and Hundredth for making this come to life. The clothes are awesome and the shoot was so much fun.

After this effort, I'm also going to be doing photography and videography for Hundredth on their upcoming "RARE" tour. They will be playing their latest album, front to back. Believe me when I say that this will be an epic run for me and I'm very stoked to be going with these guys. I've followed this band for a bit now and the fact that I'll be doing a tour run with them is exciting. On top of that, the whole tour package will also have Spotlights, Tennis System, & Gleemer; all of which are amazing bands. I'm excited to be traveling cross country, watching these bands, and creating art every night. If we're coming anywhere near your city, please, be sure to grab a ticket and say hey! 

Check out the dates below and buy a ticket here:

Photo Oct 17, 5 22 18 PM.jpg

BEAUTYMUTE MAG - deny my love

Model: Ayanna Williams - Instagram
Outfit: OWSLA Face Mask & Alpha Industries Parka

If you'd like to see the full, published images and support our art, you can purchase an issue below. 
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dead weight

Finally got to work with the very fun and talented Jaela. We had been wanting to work together for awhile and our schedules lined up. I had ordered the Drop Dead hoodie and jogger set and thought to have someone model it for me. I think it's very bold with the all white outfit and the plum accent is just a treat. Up against the pink background, there's a bright and outstanding aesthetic that almost gives it a pop vibe. We then went to this abandoned gas station to have a high contrast between the very bright outfit with the decadence of the gas station. I also wanted to use this thrown out toy tricycle to add character to the photos.

Model/MUA: Jaela Parker - Instagram

Photographer: Anthony Tran - Instagram | Twitter